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The Wellness You Deserve

I help individuals reestablish love for themselves, fitness and their lifestyle.

Working with a Wellness Coach you will learn how to;

Find your passion and purpose in the health and wellness community.
Establish a healthy lifestyle balance within yourself.
Set and meet short term and long-term goals
Habit Changes
Identify Barriers


Squat Workout
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About H&L

H&L Wellness is a growing business that is all about YOU!  We're here to help you discover new ways to love your life and create winning habits so yo can manifest the things you never thought were possible.

Investing in a wellness coach can, and will, change your life for the better.

Whether it's less stress, better all-round health or improved fitness, let's work together to make the small changes that will make a big impact on your life.



Starter Package 

Free Assessment

1 60-minute session with the wellness coach

Explore your visions for health and wellness and what it means to you

Identify challenges and obstacles

Example food and workout log

Recommendations from Jasmine on further steps

3 Month Package 

Free Assessment

Focus on one specific topic

6 forty-five- minute coaching sessions

Check- Ins

Tailored exercise program/ guidance

Nutrition guidance

Goal Setting for short term that will allow you to; Organize your life and body

Gain a better perspective on your body and what it needs

Decrease stress

Improve sleep

Increase physical activity

Healthy Habits

Access to the H & L Wellness App


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