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  • Jasmine Allen

Finding YOUR Focus

Each year I focus on a word that will help me meet my goals. I make this word visible in every area of my life--placing it on post-its, jewelry, even writing it in my planner! 365 days of focus on one word or phrase. In 2021 my word was PUSH. I chose "Push" to help me through those moments where I needed a little nudge.

"Push my babies out naturally" "Push through the pain" "Push myself to be the best mom and wife I can be" "Push myself to do better" "Push others around me to be better versions of themselves" "Push through my comfort zone" I also PUSHED myself to leave a toxic work environment that was no longer serving me.

That led to me starting H&L Wellness to help other

women meet their health goals that I continue to build today...

This year my word is BUILD! I plan to continue to BUILD a successful wellness company from the ground up. I plan to BUILD up my children to help them someday become strong, compassionate men. I plan to BUILD a life that creates a mom-wife- work- life balance. I plan to continue to BUILD a marriage that's filled with love and support. I plan to BUILD with my clients so they can be the healthiest versions of themselves! Since 2016, I've put different words, or phrases, I wanted to focus on for the year on bracelets from the company MyIntent. As I look back at pictures, I can see the growing collection of MyIntent bracelets on my wrist. I NEVER take these off (except on my wedding day when my mom made me) because they are part of me-- and a reminder of my growth as a wife, mother, and business owner. The bible says "write the vision, make it plain" and that's my advice to you as you enter the new year. Pick a word. Pick a purpose. Pick a place(s) to write it so you see it every day. With Love, Jas

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Jan 05, 2023

Love this! My word(s) for this year are growth and balance. I want to grow both personally and professionally as well as be sure I’m finding the balance in life with all things. ❤️

Jasmine Allen
Jan 18, 2023
Replying to

Those words are very powerful!! Cheering you on for a year full of growth and balance!! XX

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