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  • Jasmine Allen

Moving Towards A Better YOU!

Being a mama is HARD Being a significant other is HARD Being fully present is HARD Being physically active is HARD

The thing no one told me when I was contemplating having children was the lack of time I would have for myself, or really anyone other than my incredible children.

My schedule, just like yours, is constantly changing which makes it difficult to find time to eat and shower. (Don't judge we've ALL been there, right?!)

On the really wild days where I find myself thinking "What the F&%K am I doing?"--I remind myself that this moment, and feeling, are both temporary.

It doesn't matter how "fit" you were prior to having children, getting back in shape postpartum is like a full-time job.

Here's the good news--it's NOT impossible!

But you have to take the first step and push yourself to MOVE YOUR BODY.

Take advantage of dropping your kid off at extracurricular activities--and use that time while they're gone to walk, even if it's just in the parking lot of the building you dropped them off at for basketball practice, art lessons, or homework help.

I want to challenge everyone reading this post to increase your movement over the next seven days.


Your only goal is to move your body more tomorrow than you did today (and repeat that for seven consecutive days).

Can you do it?!


I am 99% certain that adding some extra movement to your daily routine will help you relieve stress, boost your self confidence, improve your overall mood, and make you an even better MAMA!

Let's Get Movin'

With Love,


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